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Bark Mulch:

Bark Mulch is a protective cover placed over the soil, to retain moisture, reduce erosion, suppress weed growth and seed germination, and it provides nutrients as they decay.

Price: £50.00 per Dumpy Bag

Gravel Washed 20mm:

Suitable for all general building use. Ideal for decorative and all general building use. Also can be combined with cement, sand and water to make concrete.

Price: £45.00 per Dumpy Bag

Westerhope Gold Gravel:

Price: £55.00 Dumpy Bag

Red Gravel:

Price: £80.00 Dumpy Bag


Price: £40.00 per Dumpy Bag

Sharp Sand:

Price: £45.00 per Dumpy Bag

Top Soil:

Price: £50.00 per Dumpy Bag

Soil Conditioner:

Price: £50.00 per Dumpy Bag

Post Crete:

Price: £5.00 per Bag


Price: £5.00 per bag

Ring Nails:

Price: 75 mm £6.00 per Box 40 mm £6.00 per box

Rapid Set Post Crete:

Price: £5 a bag or £4.50 for 5 bags or more