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Hinmarsh turf is top grade cultivated lawn turf is grown from seed using S.T.R.I. (sports turf research institute) top rated seed. The seed mixture is mixed & produced by leading seed companies to our specific requirements allowing us to produce a lush, fine leaf turf with an ornamental appearance, but with just the right amount of perennial dwarf ryegrass to give it the hard wearing element required for a domestic lawn, the kids can play, the adults can BBQ and the family pets can run around without harming the turf but still look good! It is suitable for golf course tee areas, domestic gardens, show areas and all landscaping projects.

Watering newly laid turf is vital for the 1st 2 weeks, followed by a simple maintenance routine, please ensure you obtain our fact sheets for handy tips and advice on maintaining you newly laid turf and established turf.

Click to read our guide to maintaining your newly laid turf

Gravel Washed 20mm: £45.00 per Dumpy Bag

Suitable for all general building use. Ideal for decorative and all general building use. Also can be combined with cement, sand and water to make concrete.

Westerhope Gold Gravel:

£55.00 Dumpy Bag


£40 per Dumpy Bag

Sharp Sand

£45 per Dumpy Bag

Top Soil: £50.00 per Dumpy Bag

Top soil is the basis of every successful garden and all soft landscaping projects.

Selection of topsoil is, therefore, very important and Hindmarsh Topsoil” is the perfect blended soil for your new lawn and numerous other areas of your garden.

Soil Conditioner

£50.00 per Dumpy Bag

Our Soil conditioner is all organic; it comes from a sustainable source from the North East of England. Soil conditioner helps with heavy clay soil which reduces the need to feed lawns and plants.

Post Crete

£5.00 per Bag


£5.00 per bag

Ring Nails

75 mm £6.00 per Box 40 mm £6.00 per box

Rapid Set Post Crete

£5 a bag or £4.50 for 5 bags or more

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